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08 May 2004, 19:53 UTCContact

If you want to ask me something about md/RAID on Linux, please don't. Send mail to linux-raid at instead. I'll probably read it eventually, and possibly some one else will answer faster or better than me. If you think it really needs my attention, Cc me, but still send it to linux-raid.

Similarly for Linux NFS server questions, send them to linux-nfs at or linux-kernel at Cc me if you really want me to know about it.

If you do send me mail and you don't get a reply, feel free to send the mail again, I might have lost track of the first. By sending it again you show me that you are still interested (try not to send the same message more often than once a week though).

If you really want to contact me, I suggest:

Email: neilb at

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