Linux 3.5 on the GTA04

24 July 2012, 06:07 UTC

Linus released Linux-3.5 a couple of days ago so it is long past time to have 3.5 available for the OpenPhoenux GTA04. By the time I publish this blog entry it will be, both on github at and on my own server at;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.5-gta04.

Quite a lot has gone into 3.5-gta04. A lot of that was bug fixes. 3.5 seems to have more changes that break my phone than other recent kernels, though I haven't counted bugs or hours so that could be misleading. Certainly I have quite a lot of patches in my 'bugs' branch which is mainly for fixing regressions, but then 8 of those are all related: the libertas has a new async firmware loader which seems to be broken. I haven't examined it closely, but wifi didn't work until I revert those patches.

On a happier note I've found time to make various improvements.

I think that is all. Power management seems to be largely unchanged - 25mA when in suspend, about 70mA when idle, awake, screen off, and about 200mA when idle and awake with screen on. I'll be using this on my phone on a regular basis and see how it goes.