Another mdadm release: 3.2.1

28 March 2011, 02:54 UTC

Hot on the heals of mdadm-3.1.5 I have just released 3.2.1.

The 3.2 series contains two particular sets of new functionality.

Firstly there is the "policy" framework. This allows us to set policy for different devices based on where they are connected (e.g. which controller) so that e.g. when a device is hot-plugged it can immediately be made a hot-spare for an array without further operator intervention. It also allows broader controller of spare-migration between arrays. It is likely that more functionality will be added to this framework over time

Secondly, the support for Intel Matrix Storage Manager (IMSM) arrays has been substantially enhanced. Spare migration is now possible as is level migration and OLCE (OnLine Capacity Expansion). This support is not quite complete yet and requires MDADM_EXPERIMENTAL=1 in the environment to ensure people only use it with care. In particular if you start a reshape in Linux and then shutdown and boot into Window, the Windows driver may not correctly restart the reshape. And vice-versa.

If you don't want any of the new functionality then it is probably safest to stay with 3.1.5 as it has all recent bug fixes. But if you are at all interested in the new functionality, then by all means give 3.2.1 a try. It should work fine and is no more likely to eat your data than any other program out there.


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (28 March 2011, 10:40 UTC)

Hi. Congratulations for the new release.

What would be the safest way to upgrade to 3.2.1 from 2.6.9?

Thanx in advance


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (28 March 2011, 10:47 UTC)

Just "make install". Everything should be completely forward-compatible.

Of course if you notice any odd behaviour, do report it - but I don't expect you to notice anything.


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (28 March 2011, 22:02 UTC)

It works fine.

Thank you again


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (12 April 2011, 00:22 UTC)

I just installed version 3.2.1 on my archlinux box. The problem is that mdadm --monitor gives me a segfault, while 3.1.5 works fine with all other installed packages being the same. Where do I file a bug report? I'm willing to help in tracking down the source of the segfault.


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (12 April 2011, 00:41 UTC)

Hi - thanks for testing 3.2.1.

The best way to file a bug report is to send mail to - you don't need to subscribe to be able to post and get replies.

However your bug is probably the one fixed by;a=commitdiff;h=eb28e119b03fd5149886ed516fa4bb006ad3602e. so you could just apply that patch, or use git to get the very latest from the 'master' branch of git://

Thanks, NeilBrown


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (12 April 2011, 22:14 UTC)

Alright. This patch alone on top of vanilla 3.2.1 does not fix the problem for me. I'll try the git version and see where that leads me.


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (12 April 2011, 22:25 UTC)

I just added another patch to the git which might fix it.;a=commitdiff;h=4019ad07013a5d8618b867f724d1c4a13c5cb05d


Re: Another mdadm release: 3.2.1 (13 April 2011, 03:20 UTC)

Thanks a lot, Neil. First of all, your suspicion was correct: I am running 0.90 md arrays. Even more importantly, the latest git version I pulled from your repo no longer segfaults. Keep up the good work.

- Norbert Zeh