Release of mdadm-3.1.5

23 March 2011, 04:59 UTC

The last release of mdadm that I mentioned in this blog was 2.6.1. As I am now announcing 3.1.5 you can see that I missed a few. That's OK though as I keep the release announcements in the source distribution so you can always go and read them there.

3.1.5 is just bugfixes. It is essentially 3.1.4 plus all the bug fixes found while working on 3.2 and 3.2.1. The list from the release announcement is:

As you can see - lots of little bits and pieces.

I hope to release 3.2.1 soon. For people who want to use the Intel metadata format (Intel Matrix Storage Manager - IMSM) on Intel motherboards which have BIOS support and MS-Windows support, you should probably wait for 3.2.1. For anyone else, 3.1.5 is what you want.

3.2.1 should be released soonish. I probably won't even start on 3.2.2 for a couple of months, though I already have a number of thoughts about what I want to include. A lot of it will be cleaning up and re-organising the code: stuff I wanted to do for 3.2 but ran out of time.

As always, mdadm can be found via git at git:// or from