A talk on dm/md convergence

08 September 2010, 07:20 UTC

I know that slides from a talk tend to raise more questions than they answer as all the discussion is missing. But maybe raising questions is good...

Anyway, here are the slides of a talk I gave in July about possiblies of convergence between md and dm.

Enjoy ... or not.



Re: A talk on dm/md convergence (27 September 2010, 06:54 UTC)

You might want to delete pages/frames 18 and 19 from the copy of the presentation you have uploaded for public consumption.

Otherwise, interesting to skim over... going forward as of late now that I've been using btrfs more, or even ext4, I'm starting to wonder if dm/lvm will be as needed for most purposes.

I say this as the last several file servers I've set up I've skipped on the dm/lvm layer entirely and in one case have a 5GB RAID1 on 2TB drives for the main OS w/ ext4 on the OS and storage area, while the other (newest) one I've gone with a 20MB RAID1 that holds just grub on ext2 (shared initramfs for mdadm setup/fall-back rescue shell, separate unique kernel images), with the whole main OS/file-server-space set up as a btrfs w/ quota and sub-volumes and what-not instead of lvm.

- WolfWings


Re: A talk on dm/md convergence (05 October 2010, 04:38 UTC)


I've deleted those pages - just pointless fluff.

I have never liked the idea of LVM - the filesystem is in a much better place to do much of what LVM does. I'm glad we finally have a least one FS which acknowledges that.