Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith

04 January 2010, 00:29 UTC

Last week I bought a "Dgtec HDPVR5009" High-definition Personal Video Record from Dick Smith electronics. Today I returned it, which is a bit disappointing.

It should be a reasonably adequate device. It doesn't have AV input, so I cannot digitise old videos, it doesn't have USB for external storage or network or any of those frills. But it has twin HD DVB-T tuners and 500GB of internal disk drive, and HDMI output, so it should do basic recording and playback OK. But it doesn't.

Also there seem to be a lot of rough edges on the software, enough to make me feel it would constantly annoy me.

The big problems were:

Those were enough to convince me to take the device back. Other problems are relatively minor but still an annoyance.

So, a long way less than perfect. And while the price-point ($400) would lead you not to expect perfection, it was to me sufficiently far from perfect to be unusable. Your mileage might vary....


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (09 January 2010, 03:56 UTC)

I've had one of these for a few months. I bought it to replace a cheap and nasty supernet pvr that I'd bought from ebay a couple of years earlier.

I also had problems losing sound on recordings that were in HD. I worked out that my output settings to the TV were wrong. The output has to be either 720p or 1080i to play HD recordings with sound (mine was set at 576i). The sound seems fine now. Even though I have a full HD LCD TV I've decided to use 720p as an output because it's the 'native resolution' of HD TV and I figured that making the unit upscale to 1080 would make it less reliable.

This unit does not appear to have any editing function. This is very frustrating when you make a single long recording (i.e. like recording an evening's tv programs so you can go out). It appears there is no way to split the recording into separate shows and no way to delete part of it. Manual is very very average.


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (15 March 2010, 10:37 UTC)

Have had ours for two months now. For the second time, unfortunately tonight with the children watching a show I'd recorded for them, it has completely FROZEN. Reached a point, then suddenly stopped. No matter what you do....turn it off, restart, or turn it off, go to a point just before it froze, it gets stuck in the same place. The rest of the show will NEVER be viewed. 9 year old son went off and 13 year old daughter said it was the worst day ever. He begged me to see if I could find a fix on the net...but nothing. Right when the Tokyo Shock Boys walked onto Good News Week. <sigh>

Another point, if you click more than once accidentally the SAVE function, when you have finished clicking the Blue button then renamed a file, the file gets wiped. You lose the CC button next to it. It has a permanent error and cannot be erased. There goes the first episode of The Killing, a brilliant Danish thriller....down the gurgler. Best NEVER to rename them as I renamed another file and the CC went....meaning the file no longer seems to exist.


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (26 November 2010, 09:30 UTC)


I have had this product for 8 months now. At least three times it’s been replaced and each unit has problems. I just picked the third one today. Pixels are missing from the display, on play back after a while it jumps and then I can’t get it to do anything. This product isn’t worth the money. I will never buy a DGTEC product again. This one goes back tomorrow. This unit is unreliable and is well and truly over priced. I am demanding my money back and if this doesn’t happen I am going to the Department of Fair Trading. This not the last of it.


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (06 January 2011, 04:25 UTC)
This unit is crap, its worth spending more money to get a better unit. I will never by DGTEC again. We returned our first unit to Dick Smith (the non-"TechSperts") after it wouldn't record & various other problems where we had to keep unplugging it from the wall to re-tune it. The 2nd unit hasn't been much better - you can't change the file name because it has a fit & deletes the data, leaving an undeletable file. The manual was rubbish & not worth the paper it was printed on. Tech Support has been variable, either they don't respond or they have been very helpful (as long as you're willing to wait 1/2 hour or more for a person). To tune in all the new digital channels you need a password - doesn't come with the unit so you have to ring Tech Support. I could go on but I wont, except to wish you luck if you have one of these units, or intend to buy one. Lavina 6.1.2011


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (19 January 2011, 08:39 UTC)
I thought I was doing the right thing buying a product from Dick Smith for my mother who just wanted to record "Home and Away" when she can not watch it direct. The salesperson assured me it was a good product and had no known problems. I even asked if the product would record the show and not miss anything if the program was running late. I was told it was fully freeview EPG compliant and would only start recording when the program started and stop recording when it ended - DOES NOT.

I should have taken it back then but I only found out that it didn't do this weeks after purchasing when my mother told me.

Then the problems really started - Hard disk error - Formatted twice When viewing a direct show TV blacks out - no sound and no video. Only way to fix is turn unit off at wall and wait 30sec and turn on. Unit then reloads channels - takes minutes. This happens now vertually every day. Programs that are set to record are just black - Strange thing is it still gives program info and allows you to change channels. That info shows on the TV but no show. Many times when programs are set to be recorded while watching another you get message - Tuner not available and program not recorded. I think this happens on other times when programs don't record when TV off.

I've now spent hours on tech support. Factory reset many times and formatted HDD twice. Now I asked for the product to be picked up for warranty. Tech support was not happy and only wanted to email me a software update. Sorry but I'm Pi..ed off and want this fixed. I thought it was a Lemon now maybe I see the product is a Lemon. Finally they said - We will post you out information for you to send it back. Hey another delay - Why not email out or just arrange pickup. Is this more delay tactics.. I'm getting further Pi..ed off.... This better work when it comes back


Re: Returned my Dgtec HDPVR5009 to Dick Smith (22 April 2011, 03:16 UTC)

I found tech support reasonable. They sent me a firmware upgrade nearly a year ago via email (it's not on their site for some reason). The upgrade was an improvement and easy to install using a usb stick.

My unit has the same freezing problem mentioned elsewhere. You get what you pay for and for the money it's OK although annoying when it does freeze during a recorded show. We switch ours off and on at the wall to reset it once every couple of weeks to reduce the chance of problems.