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Re: Converting RAID5 to RAID6 and other shape changing in md/raid

28 March 2010, 00:31 UTC


I use mdadm 3.1.1 with ubuntu 10.04 2.6.32-17 kernel I want to shrink a 6 drive raid 5 to a 5 drive raid 5

via: $ sudo mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --raid-devices=5 --backup-file /mdadmbackup

cmdline shows me following output:

mdadm: Need to backup 1280K of critical section.. $

and nothing happen even under cat /proc/mdstat shows me just the normal array and nothing more no drive interaction

What is happen?

Will there be a algorithm which create Raid - Sys without Write-hole like zfs? If yes when?

Thanks TT