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Query about integrating non-hotswap 'spare' drives into a hot-swap array

17 March 2010, 22:46 UTC

I'm planning out a 5-20 drive RAID array (to be grown as needed by adding more drives) and have been considering ways to integrate a 'spare' drive in one or more of the non-hotswap bays available in the chassis. Would it be reasonable to do the following?

Theory behind this is that it allows the rebuild to begin immediately, without requiring to wait for the rebuild to finish before the failed drive can be hot-swapped. Once the hot-swap drive is replaced and the rebuild finished + mirrored back in, the 'cold swap' drive can be pulled back out of the appropriate RAID-1.

Or is there a more efficient way to implement this idea of allowing for cold-swap versus hot-swap status for drives in a RAID array? Or would the RAID-1 coming back up in this manner cause problems with the RAID-5/RAID-6 wrapped around it?