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Re: Changing chunk size

05 March 2010, 22:41 UTC

As far as I know, changing chunksize works OK.

There might be some issues when going from a smaller to a larger chunksize if the size of the components is not a multiple of the larger chunk size - mdadm doesn't seem to check that properly at the moment, but the failure mode is to do nothing, not to crash the array.

If you have specific details - kernel log error messages, "mdadm --detail" details of the array, version of kernel and mdadm, and anything else that might help me reproduce your problem, please post them to linux-raid@vger.kernel.org (you don't have to subscribe to post).

I just successfully reshaped a small scratch 3-drive-raid5 from 64K chunks to 256K chunks using mdadm-3.1.1 and linux-2.6.32.