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Re: Converting RAID5 to RAID6 and other shape changing in md/raid

23 September 2009, 05:37 UTC

No, I don't really have an ETA for a release. Maybe next week, almost certainly before the end of October. The only thing that I need to do before a release it to write a bunch of test cases so I can increase my confidence in the code.

I think you should be safe running the code from the 'master' branch of my git tree. However if anything does go wrong, I suggest that you don't try to fix it, but rather stop touching the array and email all the details to linux-raid@vger.kernel.org (feel free to Cc me explicitly). I will work with you to find out exactly what happened and to fix it. But I really don't expect that to be needed.

Whether it works or not, I would really appreciate an email to linux-raid@vger.kernel.org detailing your experience.