Neil Brown

19 February 2006, 17:58 UTC

Neil Brown (one of many...)

Hi, you seem to have found my home page. Like most things on the web, it is under construction. As of May 2006 I have a new blog system with room for user comments...

Note that this blog is served through an ADSL link, and as I live in Australia, it isn't blindingly fast - be patient :-)

You can look at my previous home-page if you like, or just browse around here and read the following random musings.


Re: Neil Brown (25 February 2007, 20:54 UTC)

Small typo in the link on the front page, to your homepage

Requested URL: /au/~neilb/index.html Error Status: 404 Error notes: File does not exist: /import/albeniz/1/www/lib/html/au/~neilb/index.html Request Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Server Name: Server Port: 80 Server Summary: Apache/1.3.34 Server at Port 80

Curiously it works with or without the .au as both and[.]au/~neilb/index.html work.