mdadm 1.12.0 released

15 June 2005, 09:55 UTC

Well, mdadm 1.12.0 is out now. You can find it at the usual places: or

It seems that whenever I try to type 1.12.0, it comes out as 1.20.0! It happened twice while creating this article, and it happened when I was creating the freshmeat announcement. I noticed just after I clicked the final 'commit' button. I looked around to see if there was any way to update a pending release, and there wasn't. I guess that makes sense as I had already been asked to check it.

Anyway, the mail went of out to mdadm-subscribers telling them that 1.20.0 was released :-( But when the daily fm-news came out, someone had corrected my blunder to 1.12.0 (I just mistyped it again!). Thankyou to freshmeat!

Now to get stuck into a new release of mdadm 2.0-devel. I want to add a '--hostid' option so that mdadm can determine if a given array was create for "this" host, and can then automatically assemble it safely.